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About Us

Prime Orbital Technologies Pte Ltd (PRIME) began its operations 30 years ago in the back alley of a shop house. Our founding fathers worked very hard when they started business in the eighties; often doing the work themselves.

With their hard work and dedication, the Company has since grown to provide very specialised, high quality engineering and piping solutions for gases. We provide organisations of all sizes create a trusted foundation for the safe and secure conveyance and containment of gases including the proprietary Emergency Response Containment Vessel, ERCV, which is entirely handcrafted in Singapore.

 PRIME continues to uphold the founder’s core objective on being customer-driven and focus on being a full solutions provider. The current management has recognised the need to remain competitive in the ever-changing business climate and often cut-throat competition. In the last 3 years, PRIME has embarked on a gradual restructuring process to ready itself for new and challenging opportunities. Although much have changed in the business processes, what remains unchanged are PRIME’s core objective since its humble beginnings: that is to always remain customer-centric and serve our customers with utmost professionalism, dedication.


Healthcare Gas Pipeline Systems
Industrial Gas Pipeline Systems
Gas Manifold Systems
Gas Cylinder Connectors/Fittings
Mechanical Engineering & Fabrication Works
Emergency Response Containment Vessel (ERCV)


Why Us?

High Quality, On-Time & Professional Service

100% Safe & Secure Conveyance & Containment of Gases

Your Comprehensive Premier Partner for Gas Piping Solutions

Quality Policy

Prime Orbital Technologies Pte Ltd is committed to the Preferred Service Provider and Proficient Partner in providing complete solutions for pipework, metal structure and plant installation and thrives on total involvement and commitment from top management and employees to meet applicable requirement and enhancing customer satisfaction. 



Safety Policy

Prime Orbital Technologies Pte Ltd is committed to comply with safety and health regulations as part of our operations, embrace SG secure and is responsible to safety and health of our employees and managed in conjunction with design, development, engineering, quality and distribution of our equipments and services.